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The two managers and leading Architect-Town Planner and Engineer, Yihenew Dachew and Yosif Almaw direct and monitor all running projects and the overall activities of the firm. We have over 11 highly experienced staff working for our firm on full and part time basis. The following lists of professionals are working in the firm:

I N V E N T Consulting Architects, Engineers and Planners Employees 
No Staff Position Experience
1 Yihenew Dachew Practising Professional Architect (PPAR/1119), Managing .D. & Senior Architect 8 years
2 Menore Tekeba Practicing professional electrical engineer (PPEE/497) 9 years
3 Bisrat Mitiku Practicing Professional Sanitary engineer (PSNE/076) 8 years
4 Kalkidan wudineh Professional Architect (PAR/669) Senior Architect 6 years
5 Eyerus Dachew Graduate Engineer(GE/13449) 2 years
6 Mahilet Alemayehu Proffesional Engineer(PE/1728) 6 years
7 Yoseif Almaw Proffesional Engineer(PE) 8 years
8 Yonas Wudineh Graduate Architect 3 years
9 Ademe Tsega Professional  Structural Engineer 5 years
10 Samson Teshome Professional Architect, Masters in housing 5 years
11 Wondwosen Mestie Proffesional Architect (Par),Masters in housing 7 years
12 Rebel Civil Engineer 2 years
13 Netsanet Syoum Secretary 6 years
12 Tesfaye Beshah Accountant 8 years

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