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Invent Consulting Architects Engineers and Planners is a consulting firm based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia engaged in Architectural, Engineering and urban Planning consultancy services. It is managed by the owner of the firm, Ato YIHENEW DACHEW who has B.Sc. Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning and has been working as an Architect and Urban Planner in City Government of Addis Ababa for five year in different positions.

The founder of this company (Ato yihenew Dachew) organizes fellow young Professional Architects, Engineers and Town Planners to setup this esteemed and Competent Consulting firm. The firm envisaged to do more and better in the field of consultancy service in Ethiopia as well as worldwide. The founder was allocated in the team of planning for Preparations of different urban planning and urban Design study particularly preparation of Local Development Plan for the city of Addis Ababa. Parallel to these, I was engaged in Different private consultancy services, like    Building Design and Construction Supervision Controls for various private investors and Companies. Some of Local Development Plans done for city of Addis Ababa by the founder of this Consulting office are listed under “documents of experience”

A five star hotel project with B+G+12 built over 3.2 hectare total area out of which 1200m2 building built up area


The main objective of the firm is to contribute its share of responsibility in the development of the Architectural and engineering Consultancy services in the construction industry of the country in general, as well as to provide quality, fair, equity, and standardized services to our customers.

The Scope of the Company Services

 Our esteemed consulting company has the following main areas of involvement for the various consultancy services:-

  • Architectural and Engineering design of various types of Building
  • Providing various types of engineering studies for a wide range of engineering projects
  • Providing construction supervision and quality control for heath construction.
  • Preparation of different types of master plan/structural plan/leading plan of towns and rural settlements.
  • Preparation of different Urban designs and parks
  • Preparation of neighborhood design (settlements design)
  • Providing interior space design (interior design) in connection with the furniture design and their furnishing layout.
  • Providing brief study for real estate development and organization.
  • Providing preparation of different workshops, in association with design & planning projects, project planning, design programming, several feasibility studies, and lecturing on the above mentioned fields of study.


Our principal place of work is located at Addis Ababa:-

Dembel City Center, Ninth Floor, Room No.911, Africa Avenue, Wereda 09, Kirkos Sub-city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Tel: +251-911-054449/+251-912116450.

P.O.Box:- 62718, email:-

Company Organizational Structure

Staff Profile

The two managers and leading Architect-Town Planner and Engineer, Yihenew Dachew and Yosif Almaw direct and monitor all running projects and the overall activities of the firm. We have over 11 highly experienced staff working for our firm on full and part time basis. The following lists of professionals are working in the firm:

I N V E N T Consulting Architects, Engineers and Planners Employees 
No Staff Position Experience
1 Yihenew Dachew Practising Professional Architect (PPAR/1119), Managing .D. & Senior Architect  8 years
2 Menore Tekeba Practicing professional electrical engineer (PPEE/497) 9 years
3 Bisrat Mitiku Practicing Professional Sanitary engineer (PSNE/076) 8 years
4 Kalkidan wudineh Professional Architect (PAR/669) Senior Architect 6 years
5 Eyerus Dachew Graduate Engineer(GE/13449) 2 years
6 Mahilet Alemayehu Proffesional Engineer(PE/1728) 6 years
7 Yoseif Almaw Proffesional Engineer(PE) 8 years
8 Yonas Wudineh Graduate Architect 3 years
9 Ademe Tsega Professional  Structural Engineer 5 years
10 Samson Teshome Professional Architect, Masters in housing 5 years
11 Wondwosen Mestie Proffesional Architect (Par),Masters in housing 7 years
12 Rebel Civil Engineer 2 years
13 Netsanet Syoum Secretary 6 years
12 Tesfaye Beshah Accountant 8 years

Office Facilities

The office has well utilized 60 m2 space with rooms for the studio, key professionals (partners) and secretary and accountant. It is equipped with ten Desktop computers which have higher processing capacity, three Lap Top Computers which have i5 and i3 processor, 2 LaserJet printers, 1 A3 color printer, 1 A0 Size Design jet plotter, 1 blueprint machine, other office equipments, and 1 field vehicle. Here are some of the office devices list;-

  • Plotter/Printing Machine(HP-Design jet 510pcs)
  • One A3-size Printer(Hp Office jet 1280)
  • 3 LaserJet printers,
  • Five Desktop Computes
  • The three Laptop computer)
  • Five Full tables with five Chairs
  • Two guest reception chairs with coffee tables.
  • One Scanner, Copier, A4-size Printer
  • Other office equipments and 1 field vehicle.

Registration and Document Eligibility

Invent Consulting Architects Engineers And Planners is registered and licensed as “Category 2” consulting firm by the City Government of Addis Ababa Construction and Housing Development Bureau Construction Industry Development Regulatory Authority, the trade license Registration for consultancy and business license from Addis Ababa trade and industries development bureau, VAT registration certificate from Addis Ababa city Administration Finance and Economy Development Bureau Revenue Agency, with registered number 0007677943.

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